Charleston Air Force Base

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Project Details

Client:   Charleston Air Force Base
Location:   Charleston, SC 29404


The Air Force has a vision of global vigilance, reach, and power. The ability of joint force commanders to keep pace with information and incorporate it into a campaign plan is crucial. Charleston Air Force Base (AFB) recognizes this and has partnered with Collaboration Solutions Inc. (CSi) to ensure they always have the latest technology available.

New construction of Charleston AFB’s Civil Engineering (BCE) complex included an audiovisual (A/V) solution featuring multiple large format LCD displays. In the Emergency Operation Center (EOC), CSi installed a complex solution, including fiber optic technologies that integrated 32 preset video sources on 9 displays. Of these, 3 included projectors capable of displaying up to 4 separate sources for a total of 18 video sources simultaneously.

This technology allows the staff to manage and deploy resources in case of an emergency by making all crucial information available to make swift and informed decisions. The system was engineered to handle secure and classified environments, complying with Department of Defense (DoD) protocols. In addition, the system was programmed with the express intention of making it user-friendly while still providing all the advanced functionality required to meet the client’s expectations.

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