When collaborating with media, the experience is everything. That’s why we created this.

With 360 Shared Media Player from 360 Collaboration, finally you can now play, pause, or scrub synchronized video and audio, from multiple locations around the world, and across literally any device with a browser. Using the Microsoft Azure Cloud, playback quality is maximized for the hardware and bandwidths of each device and location so everyone gets the same experience at the same time.

No more…
Shared Media Player

Shared Media = Shared Experience

Key Features

  1. Software Only Solution – no specialized hardware or network required
  2. Synchronized playback on any device with a compatible browser*
    *Supported browsers include: Edge, Chrome, & Internet Explorer
  3. Protect your digital assets – Control what is accessed, who has access, and when it can be accessed
  4. Simplified User Interface for easy operation
  5. Built on Azure Media Services, but compatible with other cloud media storage
  6. Presenter controls:
    • Access & expiration date

    • Presentation playback: play, pause, seek, replay
  7. Viewer controls:
    • Own volume control

    • Can resize video as needed
  8. 4K video and HD audio capable

Microsoft Azure Built on Microsoft Azure Media Services

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