Quicklaunch™ is an easy-to-use, one-click/one-touch meeting management add-on
for Skype_30x30 Microsoft Skype for Business  and lync-30x30 Lync Workspaces.

Welcome to Better Meetings.

Welcome to Quicklaunch

The easy-to-use, one-click/one-touch application to join meetings, start applications, access data, play media, showcase your organization’s content and business intelligence assets, and more.

Because technology should enable collaboration, not complicate it.

Avoid the Mayhem.

Simplify your Meetings with Quicklaunch™.

Everything you need for better meetings in one application.

Join Meetings

Intuitively join meetings with one-click/one-touch from the main dashboard.

Showcase Content

Quickly share your organizations business intelligence assets, data, and dashboards.

In-Meeting Options

Add participants, send group emails, start whiteboard, and more.

Custom Branding

Customizable Quicklaunch™ buttons, logos, colors, and more.

Launch Applications

Launch selected applications with a single touch or click from the dashboard or persistent toolbar.

Custom Security

Securely end meetings and keep your confidential data secure with the ‘Room Reset’ feature.

Adhoc Meetings

Start an ad-hoc meeting directly from QuicklaunchTM.

Custom Room Configurations

Customizable for multiple displays and other room-specific options.

Access Data

Access corporate data on One Drive, Network, DropBox, & more.

Centralized Management

Easy-to-use Admin Console for centralized management and configuration deployment.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule a new meeting directly from Quicklaunch.TM

Optional Kiosk Mode

Lock-down your QuicklaunchTM device to protect against unwanted changes.

See QuicklaunchTM in Action.

Watch our 5-Minute QuicklaunchTM Product Demo Video.

Benefits of Quicklaunch™

Save Time, Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs, and More.


Saves Over 10 Mins Per Meeting


Increases Meeting Productivity 25%


Reduces Meeting Space Costs, Training Costs, Travel Costs


Secures Applications, Data, PC Optional Kiosk Mode


Reduces IT Support Requirements


Centralizes Management


Quicklaunch™ wins
Unified Communications Excellence Award!

Collaboration Solutions Inc. (CSi) is proud to announce receiving the Unified Communications Excellence Award for their QuicklaunchTM application by TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation).  The Unified Communications Excellence Awards recognize and honor companies that have developed exceptional unified communications products that are leading the way in this growing industry.

A Deeper Look at Quicklaunch™

QuicklaunchTMseamlessly brings multiple technologies together
into a single application, enabling collaboration rather than complicating it.

Quicklaunch saves us time and energy in every meeting. We start our meetings
with a single click, and the user interface gives us immediate access to our assets.

Scott Smith, Workplace Resource Group

Easy to Support

QuicklaunchTM is simple to setup and support for IT and AV Professionals.

Simple to Manage

Manage your QuicklaunchTM multi-site deployments through a centralized control center. Easily view your installations, perform health checks, change and copy configurations, all from one convenient location. Quickly turn on actions from supplied lists like adding meeting room time zones or displaying important broadcast messages and alerts for the entire network to see.

Hardware & Technology Agnostic

QuicklaunchTM is designed to work with your existing AV equipment, regardless of vendor. All you need is a camera, PC, and display to get started. QuicklaunchTM extends your enterprise experience by seamlessly integrating with Exchange, Lync, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Blue Jeans, Adobe Connect, and many more technologies.

Safe & Secure

Quicklaunch™ was built with security in mind. Unlike other meeting room applications that can unknowingly leave behind temporary files containing sensitive data, Quicklaunch™ keeps your confidential data secure with the ‘Room Reset’ feature that restores meeting room devices to a clean state and deletes all sensitive data before the next group meets. Quicklaunch™ also has an optional ‘Kiosk’ mode to lock-down your Quicklaunch device and protect it against unwanted changes.

Don’t dread another meeting. Get Quicklaunch™ today.

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